Support Ukraine

As we are all aware, Russia's unprovoked aggression in Ukraine has displaced thousands of Ukrainians. Many are homeless and left seeking shelter or fleeing towards neighboring countries. FreeEd is dedicating to supporting the civilian casualties of this conflict. Our hearts, hopes, and prays go out to the Ukrainian people. We are starting a fund to directly help families in need and provide humanitarian aid. Funds will only be sent to families and individuals who apply for assistants. To donate, please send you donations in BTC, ETH or DOGE to the address below. To apply for assistance, please email







*Please send only what you can afford, and check the address before transferring funds. Be sure to send the correct token to the correct address. Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, if you send funds to an incorrect address your funds maybe lost. FreeEd is not responsible for any lost funds.

Please help Ukraine in its darkest hour. It's the people who need our help. Russia is directly targeting civilians with no relief in sight. It is a humanitarian tragedy on a scale we thought could never happen in the modern world.