FreeEd is a free education site that aims at empowering individuals through education. Our motto is “Freedom of Education”, a simple concept with wide implications.

Education is truly empowering, it allows individuals to pursue their dreams. It allows communities to meet their economic and environmental goal, and it allows nations to grow.

Much of world doesn’t have access to beneficial education. This impacts nation’s, community’s and individual’s social and economic grow, and on a wider scale is disenfranchising billions of people from having a say in the future of our planet. Large scale environmental damage is often being ignored in many nations in order to achieve economic gains. By giving people the freedom of education, we hope to empower communities and individuals to help make a change on a global level.

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As funds are raised, we pledge to donate any excess funds to developing access to the internet in 3rd world and developing nations, to not only increase access to education, but to help facilitate communication.

The benefits of access to free education are too numerous to mention is this short brief, impacting heath care, sanitation, transportation, agriculture, unemployment, social development, even national security. Visit our site and select a course that will benefit you and your community.

And remember, FreeEd is Freedom of Education.